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Finest of Ceylon

AZ Tea brings you Single Origin, unblended, finest teas from the 5 tea growing regions of Ceylon – Uva, Ruhuna, Kandy, Nuware Eliya and Dimbulla. Teas from each region offer its own unique taste, aroma and color, each offering a unique experience. Single Origin Tea – unblended tea – is important because one of the most desirable features in tea is terroir – the sense of place. Terroir dictates that tea grown in the Uva region of Ceylon at a certain time of year, possesses the unique, signature taste that is the product of that unique climatic phenomenon. It gives each valley, each region and each country its unique identity in tea.

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Dimbula Tea

Kandy Tea

Nuwara-Eliya Tea

Ruhuna Tea

Uwa Tea

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