Production District - Ruhuna Tea

These teas uniqueness begins with the low elevations of its plantations. The southern part of Sri Lanka, though now traditionally known for its tea growing does produce an exceptional tea. Grown from sea level to about 2,000 feet (600 meters) above sea level, the particular condition of the soil gives the leaves blackness and imparts in the brew a strong and distinctive taste. A perfect cup for those who like there tea thick and sweet, with or without milk.

  • Country of Origin – Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
  • Packaging – Metal tin
  • Expiry – 2 years


  • Tea bags – 78.75 grams (2.77 oz), 45 Silken Pyramid Tea Bags in gold aluminium foil.
  • Bulk – 150 grams (5.30 oz) of bulk tea in gold aluminium foil.
  • Varieties – 5 Pure Black Teas
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