AZ Tea - Cinnamon

Ceylon is renowned to produce the world’s best tea and the world’s best cinnamon – an ingredient used to control blood glucose levels. We arrived at a perfect blend of both for a truly authentic Cinnamon Tea.

We use natural pieces of Ceylon Cinnamon in Pure Ceylon, Garden Fresh, Premium AZ Black Tea, packed within days of manufacture. Available loose and in silken pyramid tea bags.

Teas from the tender most succulent tea shoots are selected for our premium range.


  • Pure Ceylon Black Tea, Cinnamon Flavoring, Cinnamon Pieces.
  • Tea bags – 35 grams (1.23 oz), 20 Silken Pyramid Tea Bags in gold aluminium foil.
  • Bulk – 75 grams (2.65 oz) of bulk tea in gold aluminium foil.
  • Country of Origin – Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
  • Outer Packaging – Shrink Wrapped Metal Tin
  • Expiry – 3 years
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