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The Premium of Pure Ceylon Tea

AZ Tea Selection

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The Ceylon Tea Hospitality

Serendiva Selection

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The Art of Gift Giving

AZ Tea Gift Selection

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Taste the Difference from the five tea growing regions of Ceylon

The Ceylon Selection

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Generations of expertise

Over a 100 years of tea heritage

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A Certificate of Quality

The AZ Tea Philosophy, Single Origin and Garden Fresh.

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"Best Tea Plantation" "Best Tea Factory" in Mid Country!

Presidential Award Winning Tea Estate/Factory

Welcome to AZ Teas, Ceylon’s Finest

We are a family of tea experts, dedicated to bringing you Ceylon’s finest teas, the premium of the premium. With over a 100 years of history, we are pioneers in the Ceylon Tea Industry, purchasing our first tea processing facility in 1931. Today we are one of the world’s few tea vertically integrated tea companies, we grow, hand pick, manufacture and pack our own teas. Our experts, monitor and control your perfect cup of tea from our tea garden to your tea cup. We even design our own packaging. Our aim is to bring you only the premium of Ceylon teas in the the most eye catching of packaging in the market today.



AZ Tea

Premium of Pure Ceylon Tea



The Ceylon Tea Hospitality


The AZ Tea Philosophy

We believe only in Single Origin and Garden Fresh.


Tea to Health

The Legendary Health Benefits of the world’s second most popular beverage.

One Night at our Tea Estate

The AZ Tea Hospitality

Experience Life At Our Tea Estate

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